About Elun & Associates

At Elun & Associates, we're skilled tax professionals dedicated to helping individuals and businesses break free from IRS tax problems. We have extensive experience dealing with the IRS and know the U.S. tax code inside and out. When you turn to us for help, we'll communicate with the IRS on your behalf so you can avoid the stress and aggravation of attempting to resolve your tax problems on your own. We can file back taxes, end wage garnishment, get tax liens released, represent you in an audit, or solve payroll tax problems. Whatever tax relief services you need, we can deliver.

We're Qualified Upper Marlboro, MD Tax Professionals

It's true that quality tax help costs money, but qualified tax professionals like us can offer the help you need to settle your tax debt along with the personal attention you deserve. We care about the financial welfare of each of our clients so we always explain your options clearly and keep you informed as we make progress. Our goal is to reduce your anxiety by finding the best possible solution to your tax problems using methods that are honest and ethical.

Act Now to Settle Your Tax Debt!

Don’t waste another minute worrying about back taxes and penalties! Upper Marlboro, MD accounting firm Elun & Associates is ready to start working on tax relief solutions that will get the IRS off your back and allow you to get on with your life. Call us now at 800-893-1581 or request a consultation through our website.

About Preston E. Baker

Preston E. Baker is a recognized entrepreneur in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and is the founder of Elun & Associates, a tax problem resolution company that helps individuals and business owners solve their tax and payroll problems.

As an auditor himself, Preston helped pioneer the tax resolution industry 18 years ago. Preston worked for the Department of the Navy (Navy Audit Service) for 16 years and resigned from the federal government to pursue a career in public accounting. He started Elun & Associates (formerly Impact Accounting Solutions, Inc.) in 1997 and grew it into a nationally marketed accounting practice registering more than $200 thousand dollars in sales within the first four months of business operations. He’s helped thousands of taxpayers save millions of dollars using simple accounting techniques within the tax codes published by the Internal Revenue Service.

As a Tax Resolution Specialist (TRS), Preston has represented numerous taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS, but simply could not afford to pay. Using various techniques to help solve the taxpayers’ tax problems, Preston prepared and filed an Offer in Compromise (OIC) which is a unique settlement option where the IRS agrees to accept less than the taxpayer actually owes. For taxpayers that feel the assessed amount of their tax bill was unfair or for those who may never be able to pay their entire tax bill due to a financial hardship, this could be an attainable settlement option. The IRS does not easily accept this type of offer but Preston builds his cases to meet the requirements authorized by the IRS, and then he constructs a sufficient OIC.

Preston is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and he has been featured numerous times as the guest speaker and expert at many local business seminars.

Preston lives in Bowie, MD and he is a single parent. He enjoys been a father to his daughter who helps manage the company. He also enjoys traveling and writing and reading poetry. Preston loves gourmet foods and spring water (which is hard to find in Maryland).